You Have Worked Hard, This Year


There is a famous phrase in South Korea. It’s 수고했어 오늘도 (Sugohaesso Oneuldo) which means “You have worked hard today”. So I modified the phrase to 수고했어 올해도 (Sugohaesso Orheaedo) which means “You have worked hard this year” to say good bye to 2018.

If I were to describe 2018, I think “welcome to the adult life” is the most suitable expression. Probably it’s because this year was a whole new experience for me. It’s the first year in my life I started my full time job and you know “welcome to the adult life”. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but i didn’t knew it would that hard.

It felt like I was lost. Everything was new to me. Especially when I was in two months of unemployment period. I was an adult but i still couldn’t support myself back then. While I saw my friends getting a job or getting master degree. I know it was “only” two months but it felt so looooong, like it would never end.

The transition to adult life was as easy as I thought. The lost me somehow needed a guidance but I am not type of person who would go to motivational seminar, listen to success story speech or such. I don’t find those kind of guidance are helpful for me. I think it’s easier and more effective for me to find guidance from books, songs, and TV shows. They are more realistic to me.

My first adult-life-guidance was book. Rando Kim’s books, to be specific. It’s my first time in my entire life, buying a self-help book. And I did it impulsively. So I am on my way back home from my first job interview and stopped by the Gramedia just wanted to read some books, not to buy (I am not in position to buy book that time because I am unemployed). Actually, I did great with the interview, but my anxiety just came out from nowhere and it kept me worrying about the result. “What if they don’t pick me?” “What will people say if I failed” “What will my parents say if I go come back home with nothing” It was just ten minutes away from the interview and I couldn’t keep myself calm.

Then I saw this yellow covered book with title “Time of Your Life”. And it’s written by Korean author. I was curious of its original title, so I looked up on internet and I found the original title was 청춘이까 아프다. If translated literally, it means “It’s youth, it must hurt”. I was attracted by its original title. Probably because it’s not like other self-help books which mostly tell us useless motivational words. This book was different. From the title itself, the author, Rando Kim, tried to relate with our suffering as young people. And what inside the book was incredible. Reading this book is like reading a letter from a father who is concerned about his children who will step to their next phase of life, from teenager to adult. I never thought I would be getting so much help from a self-help book. I even bought the second book from Rando Kim, Amor Fati. Maybe I should review this book sometime in another blog post.

time of your life amor fati rando kim (1)

This year, I also discovered myself listening to more comforting songs. Those songs were my second adult-life-guidance this year. From Lee Hi’s Breathe to Coffee Boy’s I Will Be By Your Side. I even made playlist on Spotify named Life is Like This. Those songs helped me to stay sane and got through the day. My favorite comforting song this year was Answer: Love Myself from BTS.

Then I also could find comfort by watching Because This Is My First Life (Korean Drama). I know it’s released in 2017, but I couldn’t find that kind drama in 2018 so Because This Is My First Life it is. It depicted the story of Yoon Jiho who dreams to be script writer and IT developer, Nam Sehee who plans to live alone and die alone in his apartment. The drama started with the two lead characters involved in fake marriage. I thought it was just another story of cliche-fake-marriage in Korean drama but it’s not. I like how the drama can portray the struggle of each character with their point of view. How the face the challange, how they make important decision in life, and how they grow up.

This one is my favorite line from the drama:

이번생은, 어차피 모두 처음이니까 (Going through this life is the first time for all of us anyway)

It reminds me that it’s okay to screw up sometimes. It’s okay to fail once or twice. It’s okay because it’s our first life. We couldn’t ask to become more experinced than this because it’s our first life.

It’s quite funny that I found my comfort source mostly from Korean books, songs, and TV shows. It’s just that I spent too much my time on Korean television so I found their stories are relatable and unique. Comfort could be found anywhere, regardless of the kind and language. For me, I can rely to those books, songs, and TV shows. By this blogpost, I just want to congratulate myself for not giving up and for every 365 days I got through this year.

To end my last blog post of the year I want to close it with my favorite line from Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast:

We think it’s sudden, but actually it was coming to us anyway (Lee Sangsoon, Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast)

When we move from one phase to another phase of life, we always think it’s so sudden. Before we know, the next phase of our life is coming to us anyway. It’s true that we cannot prepare anything for our next phase of life. But it doesn’t mean we cannot avoid it, right? I guess we only can try and find out what will happen next. It’s another new year and I don’t know what will happen next year.

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