What We Talk When We Talk About K-Pop

Talking about K-Pop in 2018 is much different than talking about it in 2011, especially in Indonesia.

K-Pop was not very welcomed in 2011. Back then K-Pop fans were still marginalized comparing to other music genre’s fans. I think the case was even worse before 2011.

People would called us names like Alay, lebay, banci, plastic, and so on.

What I hate the most is when people said “K-Pop is too girly”

The moment I heared that, I just wanted to preach about how certain music genre is not intended for certain genders but decided to say nothing because they don’t deserve my precious preaching.

And I grew up in an all boy boarding school where the topic of talk you could find is nothing but football, cars, futsal. You see where this is going, right?

It was so hard to talk about K-Pop in a non-judgmental situation in that kind of environment. It was weird for them to see one of their friends watch Korean drama and listen to K-Pop song.

One of them said, “Why would you like those plastic people??” Oh, gosh. Please look at mirror before talking about appearance.

And everything changed in 2018! Totally changed!

Now people will be like,

“Hey, I like Blackpink”

“BTS is sooo cool!!”

“Have you watched the Descendants of Sun? Song Jong Ki is so handsome”

I was like “Okay”

I am glad K-Pop is gaining better recognition these days. I thought it was just yesterday when people called K-Pop is girly and it was weird for guy to watch Korean drama.

I think this is not only happening to my friends. It’s like most of Indonesian people started to welcome K-Pop better than years before.

Now I can see more overage of K-Pop news everywhere, online media, television, radio, newspaper. It’s easier now to hear K-Pop songs played on radio and television.

Even Blackpink became the brand ambassador of Shopee, one of the biggest ecommerce app in Indonesia.

I know not everyone is welcoming K-Pop. I find some of my friends are salty and bitter toward K-Pop. I think they really hate K-Pop to the bone. Actually, I am okay with that. Not everyone can handle K-Pop.

This year is not really different for them. Probably they got more outraged because K-Pop is getting more famous than before and gaining more fans. I see some of them still post hatred towards K-Pop in their social medias. I am fine with those hatred until they made fun of Jonghyun’s death. They crossed the line too far. I had no choice but to block them. I don’t deserve those toxic people. I mean it’s okay if you don’t like or even hate K-Pop, but please for the God sake, use your brain before posting anything on social media. Making fun of person who just did suicide is unforgivable. Sorry not sorry, but I have to block those kind of people.

Despite of the haters of K-Pop, I think K-Pop will be growing even more than ever, especially in Indonesia. And I am glad for it. K-Pop getting more fame and fans is the right way to slap those haters haha. K-Pop in Indonesia is getting more recognition and fans. I hope the growth of K-Pop in Indonesia is giving better image to Indonesian people in general.

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