Enjoying Korea in Simple Ways


Traveling to South Korea must be one of the list of K-Pop fans around the world. Visiting Seoul, taking picture in front of an entertainment building, or even meeting the real Korean Idol. But, that’s not the only way to enjoy Korea.

I want to tell you things you can do to enjoy the beauty of South Korea in simple ways.

– Sit in a café and listen to Korean song played all the time

You can find a lot of cafe, Korean brand or foreign brand, in Seoul. Drinking coffee is one of the activity Korean people do in daily basis. Find the coziest one and sit there while reading book or webtoon. Also, just like other cafe, they play music as well and of course it is Korean song — this is what I love because i can hardly find cafe playing Korean song in my country

– Sitting near Han River and eat chimaek

When you are tired from the crowded Seoul you can take a rest in Han River Park. This is the best place to eat chicken and maekju (chimaek) outside with your friends.

– Visiting bridges along Han River

For this one, I suggest to visit the bridges in sunset time. I visited Han River Bridge in sunset time and it was so beautiful. You can relax while walking along the bridges reading the motivational quote written on the bridge — and of course imagine yourself as a main character of drama.

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