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Netflix’s ‘Death Note’ and the Lost Humanity

Finally, I watched Netflix version of Death Note. Until the very end. Surprisingly, I could watched it until the end of the movie. I am a big fan of Death Note. The real Death Note — of course. I have read the comic book twice and watched the anime twice also. Although, I am not really into the live action version but the comic and anime version are enough for me to know well about the story of L and Light Yagami.

So, this is what I want to say about the “Death Note” made by Netflix: a big no. I knew it from the beginning, even since the trailer was released. Everyone who reads the manga and watched the anime probably have similar opinion with me. It must be difficult to convert the story from Japanese culture to American culture. This is what you have to deal when you make a remake movie from a very different culture and they didn’t do a good job here.

I know the cast and the plot were a complete mess, but I think there is one very important thing they missed. It is the humanity. In the real Death Note, L and Light fight over what kind of humanity should be deployed in the world. Is killing the criminal right thing to do? Do they really have to die for sake of better world? Or should we keep them alive and let them serve in the prison? People in the manga and anime have only two choices: ally with L or Kira. And it made them questioning themselves what kind of humanity they want it to be. I think the director of Netflix version Death Note forget about this important thing. They lost the humanity in their movie.