Because This Is My First Blog

Is this really my first blog?

Actually no haha

I had several blogs since middle school. I started blogging back then cause I thought it was really cool (and still cool) for having online journal.

My friends and I were competing to design as cool as possible by adding widget, changing font, changing the color of font, and everything we could do to make the blog “looks cool” haha

I don’t even remember what I wrote back then. But I am sure I wrote bunch of embarrassing blogposts 😅

I think I stopped managing my blog when I entered high school and I don’t why the reason. But I think laziness is the main reason haha.

Then I started blogging again when I was in university but it didn’t last long. Then I just write some stuffs on Medium because it was easier to manage.

Then here I am. With new blog. With my own domain. So this is my very first time using my own domain.

And it took me soooo long to finally write something here. I have been busy with work. My first job specifically, so there are a lot of new things I need to learn. Entering the work life made me felt so dumb haha. There are many things I need to catch up.

Also, I am busy studying for my TOPIK II. TOPIK is Test of Proficiency in Korean. There are two kinds of TOPIK: I and II. I took TOPIK I last year. I didn’t even study but the score I got was pretty good 189 out of 200.

TOPIK I was very easy because it only contains daily conversation which I often hear in the dramas and movies.

But TOPIK II is different thing. It contains words that I never thought they ever exist haha. TOPIK II is more like for intermediate level so I need to learn vocabularies about economy, technology, politics, psychology, biology, chemistry, literature, and the list still go on. But it was fun tho. I think I will write blogpost about TOPIK next time.

The other reason I have been delaying to be active on this blog is because I was hesitant of which language I should use, Indonesian or English. But then I decided to write both in English and Indonesian.

I think it’s a good chance for me to write better stories in English.

So this is my first blogpost after long time.

After I watched Korean drama “Because This Is My First Life”, I got the idea to write my first experience stories. Each episode of that drama has title based on the first experience of the lead actress (Yoon Jiho). So I am trying to make my own version of #BecauseThisIsMyFirstLife haha

I think it’s a good idea to write things you do and experience for the very first time. So I will write some contents under #BecauseThisIsMyFirst and this is the first blogpost under that topic.

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