You Have Worked Hard, This Year


There is a famous phrase in South Korea. It’s 수고했어 오늘도 (Sugohaesso Oneuldo) which means “You have worked hard today”. So I modified the phrase to 수고했어 올해도 (Sugohaesso Orheaedo) which means “You have worked hard this year” to say good bye to 2018.

If I were to describe 2018, I think “welcome to the adult life” is the most suitable expression. Probably it’s because this year was a whole new experience for me. It’s the first year in my life I started my full time job and you know “welcome to the adult life”. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but i didn’t knew it would that hard.

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What We Talk When We Talk About K-Pop

Talking about K-Pop in 2018 is much different than talking about it in 2011, especially in Indonesia.

K-Pop was not very welcomed in 2011. Back then K-Pop fans were still marginalized comparing to other music genre’s fans. I think the case was even worse before 2011.

People would called us names like Alay, lebay, banci, plastic, and so on.

What I hate the most is when people said “K-Pop is too girly”

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Gampang Gampang Susah Belajar TOPIK Korea

topik korea

Gara-gara udah sekitar tiga bulanan ini aku lagi belajar TOPIK II, tiba-tiba jadi pengen nulis soal TOPIK Korea.

Sederhananya nih ya, TOPIK tu macem tes-tes bahasa asing lainnya kaya TOEFL sama IELTS buat bahasa Inggris ato JLPT buat bahasa Jepang. Nah kalo TOPIK ini tes bahasa Korea buat para foreigner biar bisa diakui kemampuan bahasa Koreanya.

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My Life OST

If you have ever watched JYP Party People, I am sure you know this phrase: My Life OST.

Yeah, right! This article is inspired by JYP’s music show, where Park Jinyoung (JYP) host a music-talk-show. One of the segments of this show is called “My Life OST”. In this segment, JYP and the guests would share their songs whic accompany them in daily life. A song that describe their life, a song that they will never get bored of, a song that at some point could be a soundtrack of their life. Like soundtrack of a movie or drama.

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Because This Is My First Blog

Is this really my first blog?

Actually no haha

I had several blogs since middle school. I started blogging back then cause I thought it was really cool (and still cool) for having online journal.

My friends and I were competing to design as cool as possible by adding widget, changing font, changing the color of font, and everything we could do to make the blog “looks cool” haha

I don’t even remember what I wrote back then. But I am sure I wrote bunch of embarrassing blogposts 😅

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Netflix’s ‘Death Note’ and the Lost Humanity


Finally, I watched Netflix version of Death Note. Until the very end. Surprisingly, I could watched it until the end of the movie. I am a big fan of Death Note. The real Death Note — of course. I have read the comic book twice and watched the anime twice also. Although, I am not really into the live action version but the comic and anime version are enough for me to know well about the story of L and Light Yagami.

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