My Life OST

If you have ever watched JYP Party People, I am sure you know this phrase: My Life OST.

Yeah, right! This article is inspired by JYP’s music show, where Park Jinyoung (JYP) host a music-talk-show. One of the segments of this show is called “My Life OST”. In this segment, JYP and the guests would share their songs whic accompany them in daily life. A song that describe their life, a song that they will never get bored of, a song that at some point could be a soundtrack of their life. Like soundtrack of a movie or drama.

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Because This Is My First Blog

Is this really my first blog?

Actually no haha

I had several blogs since middle school. I started blogging back then cause I thought it was really cool (and still cool) for having online journal.

My friends and I were competing to design as cool as possible by adding widget, changing font, changing the color of font, and everything we could do to make the blog “looks cool” haha

I don’t even remember what I wrote back then. But I am sure I wrote bunch of embarrassing blogposts 😅

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